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1st session; 70 Min. with Miss CC. (Fashion/Glamour/Portrait/Fine Art)

a. a.

Film photography. No digital work(except the obvious ones here of course). 10% crop or less if any. Forgive the possible noise, some over exposure or unwanted grains at times caused by low quality of scanning off the prints or negatives. (Some noise, grains or high key exposure are intended in some of the shots). Neat Image may have been used to only recreate the quality of the actual print.

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Did you mean to create a glow around her head? I want more hair detail & I'm not fond of the cropped arm.
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Glow is from the scanning and resizing I guess.

I'm using a new scanner and it does that once in a while.


What do you mean by "I want" though?!


I like the hair...the aesthetic is part of the concept here.


If I wanted to include the arm it would've been a different composition of course. I don't see any problem with cropping it.



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I guess what I mean is, I would like to see more hair detail. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I didn't realize scanning would add a glow. I know nothing about scanning, accept I don't like to do it :)
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