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Winter Sun


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Hi Megan


Some comments on this image, which I find very nicely done. The colors are bright but not oversaturated, the trees have a sharp contrast to the background, and those light rays give the final touch to the composition. Keep up shooting!



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I love this photo... its remember me my childhood and winter weekends... Technically it looks to me perfect:) Thank you for sharing!
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this is an excellent shot Megan. a polarizer would have made it even stronger but you did manage to keep defintion in the sky...
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Daria: I am flattered that you called this photo perfect. Thank-you so much for taking the time to comment.


Ric: I do not own a polarizer, or any other type of fancy photography equiptment for that matter. All I own is my Canon Powershot A75, and my tripod. Glad you liked this photo.



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Just kidding :)

I am not qualified to offer any Technical remarks but this is just an awesome shot.

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You had me going there for a second lol. By looking at your portfolio, I'd say you are qualified to offer any remark you please. You photos are magnificant and I am honored for you to say you like this photo. Thanks. Megan
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Yes, I too wish I had all the time in the world, or that I was a kid again and had no worries, no stress, etc. I see all these children running around all the time without a care in the world and they don't realize how fast it goes by. Thanks for commenting Charles.
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