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If there were the same flowers at the posts, I think composing closer to the posts would be more interesting, perhaps with the nearest post at your left side and let the rest run to the right side corner. The posts in there present positions seem a bit awkward. Interesting use of the flowers and I like how you got up close and personal with them.
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If you stop down to f11 or so you should have been able to get the closest details and the distant posts sharp (hopefully using a tripod). When choosing the posts to include in the top, you could have selected the 2nd from the left and avoided including the distant telephone pole. This is a simple and clean composition. I like it.
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Very pleasant spring photo. The colors work really well for me, but I agree that shooting nearer from the posts could have improved the composition by creating a more evident diagonal with them. The sky looks a little washed out, but I don't see that as a big problem as many others do. Cheers, Alex
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Megan, this is so lovely and the composition is simply beautiful! The progression of those black sticks acts like a progression of days which brings the time for the circle of nature to fulfill.


Finest details and the above mentioned progression kept slightly out of focus result in a picture the dramatic of which lies within the old wisdom:


Everything at its time.


Keep it up!

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Thanks for taking such a great amount of time to critique this photo. I always look foward to what you have to say about my work. I am glad you like it. I originally took this shot to show my sister some different things she could do when taking a photo, because she was looking to enter our town's Ag. Fair and there was a Youth Photography section. Megan
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Glad it caught your attention. Thats what photography is about rite? Catching the viewers attention..and holding it. Spring's coming!! Snow is melting. Horray!
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