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Gotland's cathedral


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Gotland is a wonderful swedish island in the Baltic Sea. It's rich

of medieval architecture and Visby, its capital, is an UNESCO

protected heritage. One of the best preserved monument of Visby is

St. Mary's Cathedral whose construction started in the XIII century.

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I'm actually more impressed with the kid riding down the stairs without a helmet. In future situations you may want to take architectural photos without those kind of distractions.
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Mauricio, mas aun cuando los filosofos de la fotografia no tienen nada que mostrar.

Antonio, debiste ponerla en la seccion de deportes...;-)

Quizas alli alguien se enfade y te pida que no hagas fotos de bicicletas con una catedral de fondo....;-)



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De acuerdisimo con Mauro y David. Muy buena y como siempre dice Imanol tiene alma.


Me gusta mucho y el chamo en la bicicleta le da la humanidad.

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la verdad que Doug debe de estar aun en la fase de la Instamatic, o de la digital "entry-level". Absolutamente tiene alma, lo unico, que veo que la rueda delantera de la bici "muerde" el borde inferior de la foto.
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Gracias chicos...Doug, I don't know if you can understand spanish, anyway the guys here have already given the answer to you, which is avoiding a classical boring architecture photo putting in the the joy of life brought by kid riding.
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Para Iglesias, Catedrales y otros edificios sin ciclistas tenemos multitud de postales en las tiendas de recuerdos. La foto es el ciclista y el resto es un buen decorado.
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De acuerdo con los anteriores, el ciclista a�ade vida y pasa a ser una imagen original lo que sin el solo seria una bonita postal.
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Would you believe what kind of comment would this picture attract should the rider have a smoke in the mouth, as well...

But they don't give a "darn" about their abusively immoral and illegal (according to their own constitution) actions in Guantanamo!!

Double standards!!

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"La foto es el ciclista y el resto es un buen decorado..."


Maybe the photo should have been titled "Cycling Beside The Cathedral", and have been submitted within the sports category rather than the architural category.


I understand what everyone is saying, it's just that I believe that in this case, the two contradictory subjects detract from one another rather than reinforce each other.

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I am not sure what the title of the image has to do with the image itself. The image is either of good quality artistically and/or technically or it is not. That I think is the issue. The title is only a title. If you don't like the image because there are artistic and technical qualities that you wish to critique then it is you prerogative to do so, otherwise I feel that any other comment is out of place, don't you think?


Best regards.


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Doug, putting the photo in the sport issue would have received similar critics. Sincerely, I don't remember right now in which category I put the photo; the best one is documentary, in my opinion. Anyway I find these argumentations quite feeble: my interest in the image is to show history and life, a picture which is different from the usual architecture shots (without thinking of course to the great architecture photographers) and I think you may agree that the cathedral is anyway clearly visible. Please try to go beyond the title and the category and look at the image in a different way.
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If you read my last comment you will see that I say:


" ... I believe that in this case, the two contradictory subjects detract from one another rather than reinforce each other."


That's the basis of what I'm saying here...I don't have any issue with the title at all - it's just that, in my opinion (and it's just my opinion, after all) having such radically different subject matter in the same photo is somewhat confusing. It's not a photo that *I* would have taken, but that's the wonderful thing about photography.


I've got a pretty broad mind when it comes to interpretation but I guess maybe, in this case, I just don't get it. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that if everyone but me likes it, then I must be wrong ;) .

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Doug, I think that everyone of us has got his/her way of seeing, intrpreting and aesthetic. If you see my portfolio, it's very rare to see shots without people. I am from the school of national geographic (people series), I am a pupil of David Alan Harvey and Tomasz Tomaszewski and my aim is to (try to) show everyday life. I don't think that in absolute you're wrong and I am right, aesthetic and photography are not exact sciences, so there is nothing bad if you dislike this shot neither you're the fool on the hill for it (I could be the one). The only thing I'd like to point out is that, when criticizing a photo, we should always try to see the photographer's point of view, interpreting what he/she want to represent, i.e. looking at his/her portfolio. My way of shooting is, as much as I can, creating multiple elements to read in the image, I try to be as less obvious as I can, that's my style. Stay well.
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