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talking to Bruno Weber


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I love the dynamic of this photograph, the way their legs have similar positions,the shiny hair of those girls contrasted with his grey and chaotic hair, his white clothes versus their dark clothes, the sepia, the atmosphere. Great catch! (I would have cut a little bit more at right, that little black corner distracts my attention a little bit...)
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Great capture , it looks like consulting with the wise men . i love the way he seats , relaxed & patient, listening . the location with all the wall painting contributes to a mysterious atmosphere .
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Thank you both for your comments. I was lucky, it is a snapshot of a special moment... I agree with Sabina about the contrast of the people and with Alon about the misterious atmosphere. Those are exactly the feelings that you get when you visit his park. Funny thing: You can find sculptures from Bruno Weber in a lot of places, not only in Switzerland, and they are so well integrated to their surroundings that most people dont really identify his name. I do recommend a visit if you are once nearby (Near Zurich, that is).
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This image draws me right into the conversational space shared by these three people. I could be standing a few feet away, listening quietly, trying not to interrupt or upset the balance.


To me, this image is not about the crop, not about the tones, and not about any distracting elements (there are none). It's about the people.


I could probably go on and on about this and what I see in it, but what's the point? It's damned good.

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I enjoy having you as visitors and reading what you see on the image. It is very interesting to know what an image represents for others... I can tell you that they were talking for hours. They surely reached this intimate point that you are refering to. Me, I had time to wander arround the whole park and take some pictures. Please come back soon, you are very welcome. Alejandro
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An absolutely wonderful picture. It's very difficult to put your visual stamp on a scene without stamping on the scene so to speak. All of your candid photos seem to honor the unvarnished truth of the moment while framing things in a very straightforward yet highly sophisticated way. Your integrity is apparent in your pictures. Regards, Jack
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I'll tell you a trick Jack, take two good looking young women and let them speack with an artist. I swear he will not even realize that you are there ;-)... Being serious, thanks for your kind words and your thoughfull comments. It is very motivating to read them. Alejandro
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