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© © David J. McCracken

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I am not really a car person but I appreciate there are people out there who are. I felt this simple picture of an E-Type convertible was worth sharing.


Feedback appreciated.

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Great shot. A terrific perspective and composition. I must say, however, that as a McCracken image, something is missing...
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I like it this way as well. I am a car person (Porsche) at least I used to have one. In any event, this is clean, well composed and except for wanting a bit more black at the lower right to make it even, I think it kicks ass. I could easily see it as a beautiful advertising piece.



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I really didn't think this picture would get so much attention so quickly. I know it is a classic car and people do like cars. Maybe I should photograph them more often.


George P, Thanks for the comment... but what do you think is missing?


Georg R, Thanks George. I have another shot of the car (or part of it.) I may upload it later. If I get the chance I will take more photos of this car today.


Arthur, Thanks!


Owen, Kind words. I actually like the composition but am not so excited about the car. Having said that, I wouldn't say no if someone gave me it.


Alex, As mentioned to Owen, I too like the composition. Forgive me if I am not so excited about the car. I was with a friend (your friend too) when I took this. She was much more interested in the XJ220 sitting beside it. This car is not for sale. The XJ220 is for sale by the collector. Well, there aren't many roads in Hong Kong where you can reach the maximum speed of 232 mph.

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Maybe missing is the wrong word. It is an excellent shot, but I wouldn't recognize it as your work from a distance.





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George, Thanks for getting back to me. Quite honestly I don't think I have style. I guess I could be recognised for some of my subject matter but perhaps not for any other reason.


I will let 'The Winner' soak a little while longer before responding to your comment there.


Thanks again!

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Certainly you have some recurring and recognizable subjects, but your use of humor, lighting, composition, colors and framing no matter what the subject are quite consistant throughout your portfolio.


I disagree with you regarding having a style. I would suggest that you have a recognizable style throughout your admirable portfolio and I wonder if any of the more talented photographers here will back me up or disagree.


Either way, your contributions here are appreciated and I, for one, am learning from you. Thank you.



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The steering wheel is on the wrong side! Did you print it backwards?


(Sorry. Couldn't resist having a bit of fun with this one.)


And when did you get the 5D??

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Jim, It doesn't really matter what side the steering wheel is on.... not the way they drive in Hong Kong anyway. Traffic lights have a special meaning in Hong Kong.


Green means "GO"

Amber means "Speed up because the lights are going to go red"

Red means "Go like fury as there is probably something coming from the other direction."


The 5D... a few months ago. I like it a lot.


Thanks Jim. Your input is always appreciated. Not so sure about your jokes though!

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I'll delete this.


"Thanks Jim. Your inout is always appreciated"


Sounds like a line from Brokeback Mountain...

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