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Upper Caney Falls - Grayscale Not used with permission if displayed on site other than Szulecki.com or Photo.net


8x ND Filter used. Converted to grayscale.

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I decided to convert this one, and I like the way it brought out the

layers in the rock ledge. Let me know what you think.

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Very nice flowing water. Can you tell us what "manipulations" you applied post-production? Also what was the shutter speed/aperture value?


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All I did was convert to grayscale, and a resize, of course. Otherwise, this image is untouched, I don't really have a firm enough grasp on PS/GIMP to make serious changes. The exposure time was 1.3 seconds at F8, 18mm * 1.6x cropping factor, iso-100 mode.
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Excellent photo. A lot of 'gear snobs' dismiss the 18-55 kit lens as a piece of garbage. This is a perfect example of how it is the photographer not the lens that makes the photo.


I personally find the 18-55 to be very sharp and a fine lens..even if it is plastic and without internal focus.


Perfect composition and shutter speed on your photo. Very nice work.

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The kit 18-55mm isn't quite as sharp as my 50/1.8, also cheap and plastic, but the zoom capability (and my current lack of an ND filter or stepping ring for 52mm) makes this lens my primary for waterfalls, because it often isn't possible to move any closer, and the images from this camera won't tolerate much cropping to enlarge a feature before losing quality. But, truth be told, the 50mm (around 80 on the XT) is often too "close" for use in tight confines. The wide angle (well, semi wide angle) capabilities of this lens, for the cost, make it very useful. The manual focus is somewhat crummy, but AF works just fine on a rather stationary rock face.
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Joshua...Thank you for your pic comment today. I really appreciate it. So...it brought me to your portfolio where I find so many great images. Your waterfalls are some of the best I have seen. I have so many waterfalls in my area...but have not been able to capture them in a way that I feel they should be shown. You do that and more. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. This is one of my faves...Leanna:O)
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Awesome photo Josh. I shoot waterfalls too -- yours will help me improve and start doing a few in B&W. Well done! I love the composition too; patience is a virtue.

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