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I assume this was meant as an imitation of the famous 60's surrealist dinner party series. If so, you have completely missed the point of it. The series worked not because of the food-covered nude on the table, but because of the indifference of the diners.
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Badly stitched together composite image, not sure what you're trying to say with this one, maybe: "I was bored one night and decided to trawl through some pictures and along the way teach myself how to use photoshop".
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I have to echo Jim's comment, there may have been some surrelist inspiration, but my guess is that that it's just a bad coincidence.


Shallow, uncomposed, poorly lit, etc.



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I have to echo everyone else. I was stunned by how many interesting pictures there were in your portfolio because this sure isn't one.
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I saw the rest of your portfolio and I think that you r a good photographer...but I don't understand this work, where is the art? At first look this seems to be a low quality shot of a lesbian orgy or something. Your other works r creative, funny and really good. This is just my opinion.
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Wow, I couldn't help but laugh at the various responses to this photo. The funniest by far being the chap who indicated 'folks who expose themselves are to be born as a tree (and burned apparently) or some such nonsense, of course that certainly didn't stop him from browsing through the nudes category did it? LOL.


Listen folks, I'm not particularly enamored of this photo myself but all the self righteous rhetoric we could surely do without.


Telling someone their photo is 'bad' or 'should be removed' is way over the line of constructive criticism that photo.net is about.


I'm particularly chagrined that the patrons commenting on this photo couldn't be bothered to be constructive (as if this was the first photo they've seen that they thought was in poor taste).



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