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Sara Rodriguez (painter, <a href="http://www.sararodriguez.com">http://www.sararodriguez.com</a>)


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Is this new? I can't imagine how I could have missed it before.


I simply love images such as this...one reason being that it is so totally opposite from most of what I do. This is so deceptively casual and simple looking (and of course, there's nothing "simple" about it), but at the same time, you seem to have captured the very essence of this lady. And I love direct looks right into the lens!


On the other hand, it is getting harder and harder for me to look at your work (smile) because it makes me realize how utterly stupid I was to have sold all my medium format cameras and lenses.

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ahhh, delighted to hear that. It is as if you would read my mind... I love this image as well. Just this morning, I met Sara and we selected a frame for the print. It is my very first 60x60 (24" x24") print. I just can tell you that it looks so much better on print ;-)

I thank you for your kind words. I am happy to hear it from you. You know, Sara, as most of the people I photograph, is a very dear friend of mine. And I know that such relations can always change the appreciation that you have from a picture.

We are even about the camera, I envy your LF pictures. It is not just a question of money. Currently, I dont even have a place to put a LF camera ;-)...

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Immediately as i got into Sara Rodriguez Gallery i knew your portfolio portrait was one of here work . Excellent painter !!!
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