Glamour - Pin Up - Fashion

by: Elstad Raymond

Monday 4th of October 2010 07:58:41 AM

A Photographer's Lair

Shameless Love

O So Lovely

Where the Magic Happens - The Morning After

Your Move

Dark Secrets

Mirrors, Masks & Labyrinths

Compelled by a Secret Longing

Alone With You

O Mama!

An Anarchistic Aesthetic

Never Will I Know You Now


Warm Reality

Revelations Unexpected

O Mama in B/W

An Anarchistic Aesthetic In B/W

The Angel Of Numbers

The Sardonic Twins

A Sardonic Miss

You Lookin At ME ???

Men With A Future

The Mortal Foe of Memory


An Irrepressible Miss

Softly Domineering

Tiny Bubbles

Using What Mother Nature Gave Her

Care To Play A Round?

How Glam

Euphoric Dream

Midnight Snack

Her Gifts Survive It All

Into A Nuetral Air

Diamonds Are Forever


Her Wish Is My Command

If I Could Only Tell You

Plie Times Three

Playing Hard To Get


A Bronica C... O My!

When Shadows Hold Their Breath

As She Sails Calmly On

To Sip At The Vein Of Lyric

In A Field Of Broken Gazes

O, The Weight Of The Blue...

O Lolly Lolly!

Hey Sailor!

Make Me Chaste Lord... But Not Yet

Murmurs of Nostalgia and Dreams

In the World but Not of It

Lost in the Vortex of Obsession

Someone To Watch Over Me

There Must Be Reasons

Backside Turn

Drink The Water If It Rains

Sonorous Beauty

The Moon Is Dancing

o the enigma of a muse

Treasure Hunting

Under The Gypsy Moon

As Sweet A Companion As Might Be Had

Thrice Bound

Eyes of Cold Black

Under A Parchment Moon

Showing Lewd And Pure

The Things He Said To Me

Thirsty For Scents and Laughter

Welcome To Nevada

Traveling Through Time In A Topsy Turvy World

Solitude Interrupted

Leg City

Venus de Forko

Ooo LA!

Sweet Little Angel

I Won't Forget

Existential Angel

Song Of My Dusky Demon

O Happy Day

A Slavish Bondage

Grassetto e Bella

A Sweet And Distant Voice

On Target

The Curves of Venus

American Gothic

I'll Hurt You, I'll Make You Feel Cheap!

Softly I Will Leave You

Echo Become Flesh

Blue Velvet Were Her Sighs

Just So!

In the Infinity of White


Ballet Nouveau Rude

A Dark Enchantress

Bea Bombshell

Ah! Ah! AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Penumbra Unbound

An Intangible Dream

A Pointed Declaration

Awash In A Sea Of Sighs

Heart Attackkkkk...

Here's Looking At You... Kid

Snow White

The Siren's Song

Disturb Me Not


Oedipus Born From Her Eyes

Darkness My Old Friend

Tamer Of Dark Butterflies

Ol Rockin Chair's Got Me

Can She Can Can

Miss Scarlett

Powder Her Face

Fiddlin Round

Issue #8, September 1969

Watch The Birdie

You WILL Obey


Rain Maker

Rhyme With Sighs

Infinate Possibilities

Loaded Freight


French Provincial

And The Sky Wilted

A Keen Pure Silence

Squirms Of Sighs Deep

Skipping The Light Fandango

Pump It Up

Uptown Vibe

Fury Becomes Silence

In Whose Form Beauty Lurks

the me purrs

Nights In Black Satin

Until My Second Dream Begins

whose any mystery

Kickin It

flashing soft neverwheres

Stain It Wild In Valentine

She'd Like to Infiltrate Your Perfect Mind

Beat Me, Hurt Me, Make Me Feel Cheap, Oh Please My Dark Angel O, O, Oooooo...

Lost in a Tawdry Mist of Shaking Lines

To Breathe To Grow To Dream

An Incantatory Figure

Que Intenso!

this which might have been

Focal Point

Vintage Fantasies

Hey There


Twixt Twos And Fews

All The Any Merry

Surfer Girl Extreme

If You Want Cookie... You Must OBEY!

An Office in the Night

A Crystalline Realization

Queen of Thrones

Heaven Was Only Half As Far That Night

Homesick for the Clouds Above the Garden

That's a Breezy Young Girl

A Crystalline Realisation of Melancholy

Through a Small Window You Can See

And The Living Is Easy

A Sweet Serenade

A Brief Celestial Mourning


The Watchers Stand, Along the Wall, From Land to Ocean, They See ALL

Whoop Whoop Hoop...!

From an Airtight Office Window She Gazed Out at the Downpour

Lost In Space

The Origin Chronicles

KkkaaaAAAAA... BBBbbbbboooOOooOOoooMMMMMmmmmmm...!!!

The Serpent Cracked The Mirror

I Bear The YES You Handed Me

Foxy Lady

A Soul Plucked From Silence

Back Stage

Tenderly This Side Up Handle

Is This Love... That I'm Feeling???

Lusciously Seductive Limbs

The Reign of Grain

Then Our Hero Folded His Umbrella

Come, Gaze With Me Upon This

Venus Wandering Not

Under the Crouching Suburbs

The Woman Alluring I Am

Homage a Michelangelo Antonioni

it Can happen casually

La Pietà - after william adolphe bouguereau

Remorse is a Virtue

Foamed Curries of the Intangible

Love Unrequited

Stilled in the Immensity Felt

Psychedelic Jazz Aqua

A MARVELously COMIC Tea Time

Within Transparent Walls - Perception

In A Corner Lies The Secret

In Love, Like Life... You Never Know

Mystic Pizza

Yeeeee HAAA!

Foxy with Attitude!

An Offering Contemplated

Yippee Ki Yay

The New Topless

My Coral In The Darkness

She Who Shivers Quiet Backwaters

The Reader of Souls

The Wake Behind A Scream

Spectator Pumps, Polka Dots, and Dead Roses

Voyage to the Center of the Universe

Shiver Tickled Thighs

Caught Unawares

I Am Woman... Hear Me ROAR!

Steppin Round Da Beat

Whisper My Name And I'll Be There

When Stars Are Lit

The Delirious Desire Of Return


Old School Pin Up

Hello Boys !!!

Pencil Skirt Fantasy

A Contemplative Moment

Dreaming of Marilyn

an infinite jukethrob with eyes of elsewhere

Thinkless Unwishing Doth Depend

A Star Baited to Catch Telescopes

halt stop forget relax

The Silent Whys Of Such A Rememberance

Dominoes, Polka Dots, Cherries and Roses Beaucoup

Mind Chucks Away Flimsy

Thenlike? Now Disappears Some

Singing Is Everywhere Welcoming

Contemplating Motherhood - with an image from joel sternfeld's 'stranger passing'

be unto love as rain is unto colour

The Song of a Million-Throated Choir

The Polka Dot Admiral Plots Her Next Move

Confessing An Ashamed Desire

She Finds This Quite Natural

There Is Between Her Thighs A Crisp City

i mean observe her these regard her that

The Ghost Of Sessions Past

The Subjugation of Crimea

Le Poète Noir

O Betty !!!

Dreaming of Motherhood

Rapidly A Red Ant Traveled Her Fifth Finger

Trees Were In Bud When

Two For The Show

You Brought Donuts With Pink Sugar, They Ate Them... And Lusted For More

Your .38 Was Back In The Office...

Higher Learning

least of all what will happen now

Ordered A Steak And They Sent Me A Pie

The Oath Cracked Length Wise - Let It GO

Back at the Office, She Retrieved the .38 Caliber Revolver and Returned

freedom's not some under's mere above but

Somewhere Between What Is And What May Be

Questions Are Never Indiscreet, Answers Sometimes Are -oscar wilde-

Eventide opens up the facade and discolors the glass of her heart...

The Night Was So Nightly Night

Non Poets' Theater

Elegantly And Precisely She Laid Her Table

The Violin Lesson

Tiniest Smile May Be Bigger Than The Fear Of All Hearts

Yesterday's Perfection Seems Quite

She Offered Me A Vision, With Her Gun In Hand

Morsels Miraculous And Meaningless

Hungering For The Riches Of Our Pretty World

Facts Dissolved By Fabulous Immensity

Out of the Dark a Procession of Wonders

Medb Lethderg Contemplates Cupcakes, Superheroes, and Dominos

It Began As A Lark But Became Increasingly Obsessive

at the Ending of this road, a candle in a shrine

Waiting For A Comet To Come Hurtling Into View

There IS Joy In Tubaville

Such Internal Mutterings With

Your Whole Body Holds A Goblet of Gentle Sweet Destiny

Your Whole Body Holds A Goblet of Gentle Sweet Destiny

What Definitive Kiss To Bury The Heart

I'm Still Irritable & She... Is Still Irritating

They Wouldn't Travel By Train

Pretty In Pink

Nothing Seemed Strange In The World

Into A Truly Curving Form Enters Her Song

Soul Immemorially Forevering Am

A Poetic Revery


The Perils Of Therapy

The Air Lay Motionless And Shriveled



Her Hungry Gaze Suggests Its After Midnight

And The Heavens Were Rent Asunder

A Grande Seduction

Sisterhood Is Powerful

As The Eye Of The Camera Pulls Back

Dreaming Of A Southwest Wind

The Reveal

The Temptress Awaits Thee

O That Thrice-Emphatic FUN Enjoyed

A Portent Of Things To Come

The Blues Is Her Business

JUMP Into My Fire

She Hopes That You Will Grant Her A Brief Interview

Not For One Split Second Did She Hesitate

Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing

Lost In The Realm Of The Senses

You Will OBEY

Wardrobe Malfunction




Whatsamatta U Hey ???

Tickle Me Quick

and did you perhaps wish also shishkabob?







What? Annunciation? The Mother of God? HELL NO...!






























































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