by: Kelly Landrum

Friday 12th of March 2010 04:36:58 AM

Y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias II (más grande)

Driftwood Mountainscape

Choir Loft and Baptismal Font

Y con sus mismas ramas se hacen caricias III

Peggy (Tess' mom)

Urban Desert, W. Fisher St., Salisbury, NC 2008

Afternoon Light II

After Midnight the Goddess Will Appear

Railings and Steps

Arches Under the Influence of the Moon (Please click on photo to view larger.)

Arch Madness

Dr. K's Glasses and Eyeshadow

Trees in May, Livingstone College

The Aesthetics of Roundup

Study in Asphalt and Weed Killer

Flying the Fan on the Fourth

Raindrops (Please view large)

Suburbia and Its Discontents


Wet Pavement (sepia)

The Night the Lights Went Out--Except at McDonald's

3-D Sycamores (Tilting the head from side to side can stimulate perception of 3-D effect)

The Trees of Late February


Pond in Winter III

Flower Shop Buggy After Midnight

Limb in Space--Test Shot of Screeching Used 300mm f/4

Out-of-Focus Shot of Something

Gang Aft Agley (Please view large)

Shops from Vacant Lot, Clover, South Carolina

20. Water Droplets Spilling from Gutter

Littman Mill: You Can Check Out Any Time You Want, But You Can Never Leave

Turn Here Now

WALL (B&W)--Earth Day, 2011

Charlotte Skyline

Emergency Lights on I-85, Charlotte

Orbs at Dusk on I-85

Dusty Guitar Without a Song

The Light Within (Please click on the right)

The Light Without (Please click on the right)

Pond in Winter

The Night Sally Left

Moon, Faux Sun


The Flawed Rose

Rose Skirts

Lone Rose of Late October

Crucifixion in Chesnee

Western North Carolina Mountains

Western North Carolina Mountains II

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