Asia - Southern - Bangladesh - Rural SE

by: Downs Jim

Tuesday 9th of February 2010 08:10:35 PM

Painam Village, Bangladesh


Abandoned Splendor

A Living Colors & Patterns Palette

Leaky Vessel

Waiting for the Evening Rush Hour

17th C. capital of the Sonargaon kingdom in modern day Bangladesh

Hazmat Transport

Bridge Repair 25 Miles Ahead

Home Sweet Home on Bangladesh's Deltas

Secure Load

Roadside Snackbar or Skewers of Dung Being Dried for Heating/Cooking Fuel?

Shady Lane in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Cowboy

Awaiting the Kiln

Bangladesh Brick Factory

Men at Work

The Fruits of His Brick Molding Labors

Harvesting Clay Mud to Form Bricks

PeeWee the Brick Molder

Mothers of Color

Mending nets on a gloomy day on the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh Fishing Village

Squalor in a Poor Fishing Village

Arrival of the Water Taxi

Unloading & Inspecting Contents of Supply Boat

Shipbreaking in Bangladesh

Salvaging Ships That Are No Longer Seaworthy

Daylight gone and I wanna go home.

Lilies of the Field

About to be Canned?

Secure Load

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