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by: Chakraborty Debejyo

Monday 18th of January 2010 04:21:46 AM

Afternoon Sun through a ventilator in Agra Fort.

Mahal Inside Agra Fort

The walls of Agra Fort

Main walls of Agra Fort

The unfinished task (by Shah Jehan) of replacing red stones with white marbles in Agra Fort.

Ghaznin Gate (1030 AD), Agra Fort

Inside Agra Fort

The colors are crystalline gem stones embedded in the white marble of Agra Fort

Hallway in Agra Fort

Earlier you could climb these but due to growing suicide rates, they are now closed - corner pillar...

Designs are made in one marble, the colors are obtained by embedding crystalline gemstones in the...

Red and green crystalline stones embedded in Marble - Taj Mahal

West entry gate to Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal up close

Taj Mahal (1653 AD)

Lotus Temple

Samrat Yantra - Jantar Mantar

Misra Yantra - Jantar Mantar

Ram Yantra - Jantar Mantar

Showing the calibration precision in Jantar Mantar

Samrat Yantra - Jantar Mantar

Prayer area, Agra Fort

Flower carved in the white marble of Taj Mahal



Corner Pillar of Taj Mahal, also Yamuna river.

Jai Prakash Yantra - Jantar Manter

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