Asia - Southern - Bangladesh - Dhaka

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 14th of January 2010 08:50:48 AM

Smokestacks in the Delta

The Bangladesh Parliment Building

Single-stream Recycling in Dhaka

Bangladesh National Parliment - a Louis Kahn Creation

Dhaka Street Scene

The Dhaka Pedicab Driver

Windows on Windows

Curzon Hall - Dhaka University


Offerings for the Gods

Jockeying for Position in Rush Hour

Bottle Man

Drydock Labor

Anchor Chain

Donald Trump's Half Brother in Bangladesh

Boat Boys

Arriving in Drydock

Drydock Repairs

Colonial Jewel in Dhaka - Manzil Museum or Pink Palace.

River Boys

Converting anchor chains to jewelry for NBA players

Wenching a Ship on to Drydock

Sons of the Shipyards Workers

Upgrading Their Sewerage System

Strong Headed or Strong Minded?

Enterprise on the Dhaka Delta

Dhaka Riverfront

Drydock Repairs

Laundry & Logging

Princess of the Dhaka Shipyards

Pipeline or Sewer Pipe

Boat Boy

Laundry Day

Late Day Laundry & Bathing on the Riverfront

Scrubbing & Washing at Day's End

Traffic Circles

Heady Task

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