Asia - Southern - Nepal - south to Lumbini

by: Downs Jim

Wednesday 7th of October 2009 02:08:53 AM

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Refuge from the Sun

Cabbage Patch in the Rice Paddies

Truck Cab Decor

Community Swing Set

Rainbow at High Noon

Safari Elephant Obedience Tool

Taxi on the Rapti River

Fetching Water

Harvest Festival

From their village to the fairgrounds for regional festival.

Toll Road

Taxi Rank in Lumbini, Nepal

Buddha's Birthplace

Sharing Enlightenment

Hay Hauling in Nepal

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery at Lumbini, Nepal

Buddhist Temple at Lumbini, birthplace of the Buddha

Lord of the Realm

Bountiful Harvest

Field Trip to Buddha's Birthplace


Taxi on the Rapti River - Nepal

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