Asia - Central - Uzbekistan - Khiva

by: Downs Jim

Saturday 18th of April 2009 07:36:53 PM

Restoration of the walls of Khiva

Aborted Restoration Project?

Uzbeki Dancing Troupe Boy

Kalta Minor Minaret - Khiva

Islamic Woodcarved Door

Khiva Landmarks

Holding It All Up

The top of an unfinished minaret.

The Walls of Old Khiva

Bands of Geometric Tiles

Faded but not Jaded

Walled City of Khiva

"Sweep softly but carry a big stick"

Walls of Khiva's Old City

The Black Beret Cyclist

Trees in a Desert Mosque

Khiva Edifaces

Listening to Instructions from Her Male Superiors

Lady in Red

Compactly Constructed

Old Khiva Panorama

Way to the Minaret

Khiva's West Gate

Uzbeki Stay at Home Mom Watching Her Kids

Last Light on a Minaret & Domes

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