Winter Photos

by: Pluskwik Paul

Wednesday 1st of April 2009 02:15:46 PM

Winter Creek on a cloudy day

Lone Cat tail on a Beaver pond

Empty Bald eagle Nest in the Winter

Old Maple tree stands alone

Old truck

Old Farm view in Winter

Golf Course pines in the WInter

Winter River Bank

Winter Creek

Winter Reflections after the Storm

Winter Old Farm View

Old Shed

Beavers work not done yet

Winter Ski Trail through the Red Pines

Still winter day at Laurentian Divide

Winter farm scene/ Barn & horses

Winter sunshine through the tall pines

Closed for the Winter

Snowmobile Trail Through the Aspens

Frozen Falls

Twin Lakes winter snowmobilers rest area as the sun sets through the pines


Winter Season Greetings

Early winter foggy morning

Old Deer Hunting Tree Stand

Parked for Winter

Winter morning shore view

Winter trail in the woods

Old logging road Winter View

Frosty shore

Early winter morning at Silver Lake

Red Barn in the Winter

Animal tracks on the fresh snow

Winter View of an old Iron Ore Mine

Winter Beauty in Minnesota

winter Creek

winter morning sunrise accross the lake

Winter sunset through the woods

Winter view of the old farm Building

The last open water

View on to the frozen lake

Frosty winter shoreline view

Snowshoeing to the Gorge

Vermilion River

Winter View of the Elbow River

Ice formations from lake Superior waves

water from waves coates the plants

Ice forms on a rock arch

A bridge along 7 Bridges Road in the winter

A winter bridge view on 7 Bridges road

Old stone bridge in the winter

Water slows at a small Beaver dam

Late day sun shines through the woods

Winter Reflections in the pond

Winter view of Split Rock Lighthouse

Old Tractor and Building

Old log Home

Laurentian Divide winter view

Old Barn in Winter

Sun shining on small stream in Winter

Winter view of the pine trees

Old Sauna building in Winter

Close up of old Sauna building

Old Red Barn

Red barn and horses

snowy river bank

Small stream in the Winter

Sun shining through the tall pines

Old maple tree and fence.

Winter sunrise through the 3 Pines

Frosty February Sunrise through the winter fog

Old rundown Log Cabin

Old Log Cabin on Myrtle Lake

Winter Sunrise through the Cattails

Vermillion River view in winter

Winter Landscape in Minnesota

snowmobileTrail into the Frosty pine trees

Winter Sunrise at Canal Park

Stoney Point cottage on Lake Superior

Lake Superior Shoreline in winter

Winter Sunset in Minnesota

Old Home still standing

Frozen Gorge

"Alligator head" ice formations

Late Winter view of Fall Lake

Winter Landscape

Old Blue Truck

Winter Sunset with long shadows

Embarass River winter view

First snow of the Season

winter view of a pond

Red Barn

tracks in the first snow on a back road

Winter Landscape view in the Park

Thanksgiving Day walk in the woods

Rose hips along the Rivers edge

Partridge River bridge

Winter view of the Partridge River

Winter Landscape of the Elbow River

Winter Cottage in the Woods

A winter View

Winter Landscape

On a Frosty Winter Morning

Winter view at the Laurentian divide

Cross Country ski trail

Rose hips through the snow

Small Stream in the winter

Winter Barn Landscape

Old log Barn

Frosty Winter sunrise

Winter Sunrise through the Maple trees

Sunrise accross Fayal pond

Sunrise through the Pines

Winter Sunrise down the unplowed road

Old Red Barn in the winter

Old Homestead

Barbed wire on the fence post

Sun Dog at Sunrise

Whiteface River shoreline in the Winter

White Face River & the snow covered Pines

Winter Landscape view of the Whiteface River

Snow covered Pines along the River

Old Red Barn in the Pines

Road through the woods

whiteface River ~Winter Reflections

Pine tree reflections in the Winter

On a winter Day in Minnesota

Winter Farm Landscape

Reaching for the Sky

Winter Abstract

Tall Apsens reaching for the Blue sky

Deer Tracks on the road

Snowshoeing among the Tall Pines

Frosty shoreline & reflections

Winter landscape at Jay Cooke State Park

Frozen Pond

Old Minnesota Homestead

left out of the garage

Covered in snow

Ducks mingle in the foggy morning sunrise

Natures Window Art ~ Frost

Frost on the Window

Frost forming on the house window

Winter Sunrise in Canal Park Harbor

Iced in the Harbor

Covered in Ice

Light house reflection in the Harbor

Sunrise accross Frozen Lake Superior

Full Moon over the Cabin

Full Moon rising through the Birch tree forest

Winter Sunrise reflects on the frozen lake

Sunrise across the frozen lake & through the pines

Sunset at Kawishiwi Falls

Spring Thaw at the Pike River Dam

Spring Snow fall

Spring thaw and and more Snow

April Spring snow storm in Minnesota

Spring Snow Landscape

Shore line Reflecitons

Reflections of a late Spring Snow

~ First Snow of the Season ~

First Snow

Partridge River

Frosty, Foggy Late November Morning

Along 4 Mile River

Partridge River Bridge

Winter's Magical Beauty

Winter sunrise ~ Canal park in Duluth MN.

Old Building portrait

Winter Beauty

Old Red Barn

Winter Trail through the Maple trees

Snowy day along the back roads

Winter landscape in B&W

Fayle Pond bridge at Sunrise

Winter Falls

Forbes Dam in the winter

Frosty Winter morning shoreline View

Winter Farm Landscape

Old Homestead

Winter Shoreline Sunrise

Winter Shoreline Path

Winter MIne VIew

Frosty moning Landscape

Seven Bridges Road

Winter Landscape

Through the woods

Freezing Falls

Winter Beauty deep in the woods

~ Frozen Heart ~

Frosty Winter Morning at the Falls

On my walk through the Park



Early Season Snowfall

Reflections of Winter

Frozen Over

Sunrise Through the Tall pines

First snow and Freeze of the Season

St. Louis River Bridge

Winter Walk

Frosty Morning

Along the Echo Trail

Kawishiwi Falls Reflection

On Top of the Laurentian Divide on a Frosty MOrning

Fall Lake in Early Winter

Winter Landscape on a foggy morning walk

To the farm Field

Winter Landscape

Frosty Winter Landscape along the Back Road

Bridge over Frozen Fayle Pond

Winter Waterfall

Winter Road through the woods

Bridge Reflections

Red Barn and Fire Wood

King of the Ski Hill

Frigid Winter Sunrise

~ Glowing Winter Sunrise ~

~ Industrial Winter Sunrise ~

Winter sunrise & Sundog

~ Magical Walk Through the Frosty Forest ~

LIttle Log Cabin

Through the Woods

Forbes Dam

Winter Reflections

Winter Stillness

Winter Farm Landscape

Road into the Farm

Old Shed

Little Red Cabin in the Tall Pines

Lower Falls at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Kawishiwi Falls

Winter Landscape Beauty

Old Homestead

Parked for the Winter


No Hunting


Winter Landscape on the Farm

Natures Simple Beauty on a walk in the woods

Embarrass River Winter View

Late Winter Thaw

Winter Sunet at Kawishiwi Falls

St Louis RIver Bridge

Winter Ice Formations

Frigid Winter Sunrise

Winter Morning Reflections

Winter Landscape at Sunset

Old Lake Superior Fishing Boat

Fishing shed along the Lake Superior Shoreline

Gooseberry Falls State park

Split Rock Light house state park

Split Rock Light house

Early Morning Winter Landscape Reflections

Winter Sunrise reflects in the Beaver Pond

Kawishiwi Falls

~ Winter Landscape ~

~ A Small Stream Deep in the Woods ~

Sunset down the St. Louis River

~ Spring Thaw Starting along the Pike River ~

Rugged Winter Landscape

Old Homestead

Spring Thaw starting

Spring Sunset along the River

Rusty Old Dodge

Frosty Morning View on the Farm

Spring Sunset Reflections

~ Still Waiting for Spring ~

Farm Landscape

~ Little Cottage on the Lake ~

Dry Lake Falls

Snowshoeing along the Souix River

~ Spring Thaw ~

Spring View of the Lester River

~ Sunrise Shadows ~

Embarrass River Bridge

Little American Falls

~ Beautiful Landscape along the Back Roads

~ Road to the Old Barn ~

~ Under the old Tree ~

~ Framed in ~

~ Through the Woods to the Farm ~

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