Asia - Caucasus - Armenia

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 26th of March 2009 02:12:29 AM

Khor Virap below Mt. Aratat in Armenina

The Gates of the Holy See of Echmiadzin

Mother Armenia

Post-modern Facial Features

The Cathedral at Echmiadzin

Republic Square - Yerevan, Armenia

Entry facade at the Holy See of the Armenia Apostolic Church

Khor Virap with Mt. Aratat in the Background

Armenian Khatchkar Crosses

Mt.Tend├╝rek(left) & Mt. Ararat in Turkey loom above Armenian vineyards.

Geghard Cave Monastery

Cave Picnic in Rural Armenia (view larger)

Pastry Chef

State of the Art


The Sad Accordian Player

Geghard Monastery

Garni Temple, Armenia

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