Asia - Middle East - Iran - Shiraz & Persepolis

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 12th of March 2009 10:17:15 PM

The Ruins of Ancient Persepolis

Persepolis - rock carving of wild animal mane

Interior of historical mosque is Shiraz, Iran

Historic Shiraz Mosque Interior

Tomb of the Poet Hafez

Reflecting on Their Persian Heritage

Bazar-e Vakil (Shiraz, Iran)

Tombs of Naghsh-e Rostam

Mosque Visitor

Minbar, not Minibar

Stalactite Molding

Interior doorway in Nasir--ol-Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

Billboard/poster in Shiraz, Iran

The Vaulted Ceiling of Bazar-E Vakil

The Restoration of Regent's Mosque

More Than Meets the Eye

Budding Fabric Merchant

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