Mosul,The Old Nineavhe.

by: Salem Saad

Thursday 18th of December 2008 06:53:44 PM

The Sky Over Mosul.

Modern Oven.

The Flood.

One and Half Room.

Home Altar.

The Nail of the Lock.

Thumb Lock Handle.

Still Usable.

Fallen Roof.

The Older,The Stronger.

The Door Chain.

My City.

My City.


The Handle.

Two Mosques.


The Opened Door.


A Dedication to a Friend Named J.D.

Some Old Road.

The Old and The New.

Room With Window View.


The Ground Floor.

Corner Details.

Wall Details.




The Stove.

Wild Poppy.

The Globe

Gray Tones

Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Do Not Stop the Light.

The Room Upstairs.

Old Nineveh

Tears of Earthy Type.


The Chained Door.


Last Blacksmith of Old Nineveh

Last Blacksmith of Old Nineveh 2.

One Iraqis Winter's day.

Ten Minutes Winter Song.

Spring colours 2.

Spring colours.

The Weeds Have Blooms Too.

The Spectator.

Iraqi School.

Al Zakary'yia's House.

The Roof.

Up and Down.

Four Sisters.

An Old World Roof.(Ninevhe)

Cracks in History Wall.

Cracks In History Wall.

Last Blacksmith of Old Nineaveh

The Last Version

The Bells Does Not Ring Any More in Iraq

Iraqi Private Sectors Power Plans

Old Wall.

Two Minarets

Old fence .

Bird Territory.

Cracked Handle.


The Hunchedback (Al Hadba'a) of Mosul,Iraq.

Walking The Mice.


One Mid April Spring Shower.

The Grave of 13 year Old Abdallah.

On the 11th memory of occupation of Iraq.

On the 11th memory of occupation of Iraq 2.

Iraq,me,and my son Ali faces a dead end.

Modern Last Supper .

Take care,walls could bleed too.

Iraq, season of migration to the North.

Mosul,The Old Nineveh.

The bulb and window.

The pigeon and the Cresent.

Mud ferns.

ISIS (Daeish) without photoshop.

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