Asia - Middle East - Syria - Damascus

by: Downs Jim

Saturday 9th of August 2008 12:20:04 AM

Lamp in Souq al-Hamadiyyeh

Chilly Morning in Damascus

Slow Day at the Souq al-Hamadiyyeh

Courtyard of the Omayyad Mosque - Damascus

Masterpiece Mosque

Two approaches to cleaning the interior of a mosque.

Intent Gaze

Who Came Up with That Idea?

Jockeying for a Fresh Loaf of Bread

Arches, Domes & Window in Old Damascus

A Cinderella Moment in Damascus

Worshippers at the Mosque

Baklava by the Gram

Damascus at Dusk

Dusk on Damascus

A Toke and a Tea

The Sifter

A Mobile Starbucks

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