Asia - Middle East - Israel - Jaffa, Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, Nazareth

by: Downs Jim

Sunday 27th of April 2008 04:07:48 AM

Mosque entrance in port city of Jaffa, Israel.

Portable Modular Pier

Conversing from the Balcony

Passing beneath the aqueduct.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Cycling Beneath the Aqueduct

Baha'i Gardens

Baha'i Gardens

Resting Place of Baha'i Believers

Roman Theater at Caesarea

Roman era chariot racing venue

Modern Day Nazareth Skyline

Muslin Clocktower at Akko, Israel

Subterranean 12th C. Crusader Fortress

Subterranean 12th C. Crusader Fortress at Akko

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