Venice Carnival 2008

by: Cariolato Stefano

Saturday 23rd of February 2008 06:29:19 PM

Venice 2008 Carnival mask

Orange and gold

Red and Black

Yellow and red

Some rest...

Red Ghosts

The "for God's sake what's that !" mask

Butterfly mask

Paper mask

Four Fairies

The Wizard

The cannon woman

Lady in red

Black and White

Ring and glove


Pink mask

The doubt

A rose for my lady

Two stars

The Phantom

Strange... I feel observed

The Jolly

Purple and yellow

South of the border

Rose and feathers

Paul Klee celebration

The golden globe

Running to the boat

The brown fan

Venice masters

Cat woman

The white fan

Peacock feathers

Green and yellow

I'm so tired...

Purple phantom

Pierrot and the rose

Flowers & Fruits

The Herald

Re-elaboration of Red Ghosts

Someone is late...

Golden Mask

Waiting for someone

Blue Masks

Alien Mask

Silver Swirls

Pink Princess

The Bauta

Purple Butterfly

Peach Mask


I see your thoughts

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