Latin America - Ecuador - Otavalo to Latacunga

by: Downs Jim

Saturday 23rd of February 2008 12:22:28 AM

The Merchant of Otavalo

The Jewelers of Otavalo

Ready for the Noon Rush

Playing Hardball with the Auctioneer

Traditional Necklaces - Otavalo, Ecuador

Cow Traders in the Ecuadorian Andes

Otavalo Pig Caper

The Real Deal

The Grimace of Poverty

Hard Times


Soaring in the Andes

Launching Big Bird

Andes Panorama

Village BBQ

Gone to Hog Heaven

Cuatro Muy Mal Hombres!


Sunday in Cotacachi, Ecuador

Sunday in the Park

Mountainside Crop Fields in the Ecuadorian Andes

Ecuadorian Charmer

Grounded Cloudbank in the Andes

Last Light in an Andes Valley

Making Change


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