Latin America - Ecuador - Quito

by: Downs Jim

Tuesday 19th of February 2008 02:24:35 AM

In Thought

Rooftop of Quito's Metropolitan Cultural Center

Plaza Grande, Quito


Architectural Melodrama

Super Trooper

Two Views of Plaza Santo Domingo

The Boys in the Regimental Band

The Blind Accordian Players (Los Jugadores Accordian Ocultos)

Colonial Quito, El Panecillo & The Virgin of Quito

La Virgen de Quito on El Panecillo Hill

Colonial Quito

Quito Cathedral Belltower

Along the Plaza Grande in Quito

Quito Panorama

Quito Baroque


Quito by Night Along the Plaza Grande

Breezy Day in Quito

The Virgin of Quito

Post Modern Hillside Caves

Colonial Quito on a Rainy Night

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