Black and White Conversions

by: Kelly Landrum

Sunday 3rd of February 2008 07:36:33 AM

American Pastoral, 2004 (B&W)

Breezeway, 2005 (B&W)

Abandoned House at Sunset, 2003

Madame Butterfly, 2006 (B&W)

Imprisoned Heart, 2002

Brothers: Landrum Kelly, Sr. and Horace Kelly (1979)

Anne, Summer, 1977 (B&W)

Building K, 2002

Church, St. Helena Island, SC, 2002 (B&W)

Country Lane, 2002 (B&W)

Kudzu Railroad, 2004 (B&W)

Protegez-moi, 2006 (B&W)

Windows Regress, 2003

Future College Student, 2006 (B&W)

House at Sunset, 2003 (B&W)

Kudzu Walk, 2005 (B&W)

Old Florida, Sabal Palmettos, 2002 (B&W)

Shady Lane, 2004 (B&W)

Country Living, 2002 (B&W)

Seen Better Days, 2002 (Please click on picture for larger version)

Barn, February, 2002 (B&W)

Worship Service at the Golden Arches Temple, 2010 (B&W)

Hunting Island, South Carolina, 2002

Warehouse After Midnight, 2012 (B&W)

Truck on Winding Road, 2012 (Black and White)

Warehouse After Midnight, 2012 (Black and White)

Warehouse after Midnight, 2012 (Sepia)

Country Living III (Please view on "Larger")

Thunderstorm from Foster Road

Thunderstorm from Foster Road II

Thunderstorm from Foster Road III

Night Owls (B&W)

Salisbury Mural at Night (B&W)

Country Living IV (Please view "Larger")

Country Living V (Please view on "Larger")

Country Living VI (Sepia: Please view "Larger")

Country Living VII (Please view "Larger")

Thunderstorm from Foster Road IV

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