Latin America - Peru - Machu Picchu/Cusco/Sacred Valley

by: Downs Jim

Saturday 2nd of February 2008 01:09:07 AM

Urubamba River below Machu Picchu

Rainbow Below Machu Picchu

Crop Terraces at 3,500 Meters

Peru's Sacred Valley

Stonework Marvels at Machu Picchu

Wishing the llamas on his backpack were for real.

Double at Machu Picchu

Terraces at Machu Picchu

Rooms with a View at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Townhouses

Living Stoned

Blue Sky Over Machu Picchu

A Little Slice of Heaven

Machu Picchu Plateau

Above & Below Machu Picchu

Interior Details

Vegetable Gardens at Machu Picchu

The Leaping Llama of Machu Picchu

Almost Heaven

The road froms Agua Calientes up to Machu Picchu

Phoning Home

Cheerfully Accepting Her Circumstances

Ollantaytambo Fortress

Girls at the Pisac Market

The Streets of Ollantaytambo

Experiencing Peruvian Llamas

The Cusco Cathedral

Her Puppy & Her Little Sister

Iglesia de la Compania

Cusco Belltowers on the Plaza del Armas

Cusco, Peru Rooftops

Waiting for Easter Sunday Mass to end so that they can get down to business.

The Family Pet

Plaza de Armas

Cusco Cathedral

Cusco Cathedral

Plaza de Armas

Lima, Peru

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