Vietnam 68-69

by: Guenley Vaughan

Sunday 18th of November 2007 04:50:13 PM

Vietnam 1968, upscale Nui Dat

Ioannis K "fini" Vung Tau Vietnam 1969

Modern Housing, Baria Vietnam 1969

Vung Tau, Republic of Vietnam, 1968

Nuc Fish Factory, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Vung Tau foot ball Stadium, Vietnam 1968

1st class ride, Hwy 15 IIICorps, RVN, 1968

Ioannis K ran aground, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1968

Vung Tau, late 1969

Rice, Nuidat Vietnam, 1969

Vunt Tau RVN, 1969

Training, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1968

Early Fort, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Going on Patrol, leaving Vung Tau Harbor, 1969

Vung Tau Peninsula Looking out at the South China Sea, 1969

Vietnamese Recruits, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1968

Where Ever, Vietnamese Police Training Center, 1968

Hwy 15 Checkpoint, IIICorps RVN, 1968

Mail Call, 560th MP Co Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Discussing the Day, 560th MP Co, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Work, 560th MP Co, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Always Break time, 560th MP Co, Vung Tau 1969

Diligent, manning a roadblock, hwy 15, IIICorps RVN, 1968

Hamming for the Camera, hwy 15, IIICorps RVN, 1968

Checking Papers, hwy 15, IIICorps, RVN, 1968

V100 and John, 560th MP Co, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Burning Human Waste, 560th MP Co, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Working in the Rain, Vung Tau Airfield, 1969

V100 death trap, 560th MP Co, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

White Rabbit, 560th MP's Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Christian Church at Baria Vietnam, 1968

Calling it a Day, Military Police PBR, Vung Tau Vietnam, 1969

Saigon Christian Church, 1968

Seat Shot, self portrait, Vung Tau Vietnam 1969

Vung Tau Flying Crane, South Vietnam 1968

Vung Tau Beach, 1968

Mekong Confluence, 1968 South Vietnam

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