Wildlife & Birds

by: Downs Jim

Wednesday 3rd of October 2007 05:33:20 AM

Where's MY worm?

Birds on a Rail (scan of 1995 photo)

Eyes not working yet but stomach is growling!

Robin Chick Contemplating First Flight

A spider of some sort

Gator Surfacing at Dusk

A Beak and a Bump

A Bird named Dot

King of the Hill

Refreshment at the Oasis

Roaming the Plains

Indian Rhino Couple

Child Molestation in the Animal Kingdom (warning - some may find this offensive)

Pedophilia in the Animal Kingdon (caution - possibly offensive or disturbing to viewer)

The Magic Tongue


Seeing Things Eye to Eye

Striving to Become a Butterfly

Rocky Mountain Turtle

No Dumb Bunny Here (large view)

A Little Bit Squirrelly

Surveying His Kingdom (larger view avaiable)

Recent Arrival

Ruffled Feathers


North American Antelope (larger available)

Protecting Her Nest (enlarge)

Headlong Descent

Two-tone Iguana

The Blue Spine Iguana (enlarge)

Wily Wolf (enlarge)

Lounging Tiger (enlarge)

At Rest (enlarge)

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