by: Gricoskie Jared

Friday 1st of June 2007 03:50:20 AM

Gary's Rattle

A Stinkbug's Life

Atlantis Fritillary on Thistle

Garter Snake head

Hoary Comma

Western Tiger Swallowtail

Western Chorus Frog

Old Man's Beard

Ponderosa Scales

Lime Green Lichen

Moss and Stone Crop Buds 2

Bee on Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

Aphids and Ants

Rocky Mtn Maple Leaf

Aspen Leaf on Fern

Aspen Leaf Desaturated

Aspen Leaf on Fern 2

Aspen leaves 3

Aspen leaf on Spruce

Aspen Leaves Trio

Aspen Leaf Brown

Aspen Leaf on dead log

Brown Aspen Leaf

Dried Fern Leaf

Aspen Leaf Dueo

Floating Aspen Leaves

Barn Door Closeup

Aspen Pile


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