Latin America - Ecuador - The Galapagos

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 24th of May 2007 07:22:44 AM

The Scratcher & the Slacker

Galapagos Land Igauna Portrait

Sea Lion Pup

Seeking Female Companionship

Blue Footed Boobie Bird

Cleared for Landing

Blue Footed Boobie Ritual Mating Dance

Female frigatebird on a nest of branches and brambles.

Galapagos Evolutionary Marvel - the headless sea-lion.

Galapagos Dazzler

Soothing Ruffled Feathers with a Kiss!

Rotating Her Eggs

Feeding Her Chick

Galapagos Land Iguana

Blue-footed boobie nurturing her twins

Male Galapagos Frigatebird

Happy Couple

Nesting Frigatebirds

Fully Inflated

Boobie Portrait

Checking His Plumbing

Tres Amigos

Galapagos Albatross

Nursing Her Cub

Evolution of a new species in the Galapagos in the Post-Darwinian era.

Tangle of Marine Igaunas

Blue-footed Boobie Portrait

Buddies or Lovers?

Albatross chicks play on guano covered boulders.

Crab Strolling a Galapagos Beach

Albatross Chick

Racing the Tide


Scoping out the landscape before coming ashore.

The Underside of a Frigatebird


Head Over Heals

On the Prowl

Full Neck Extension

Grazing Galapagos Turtle

Daily Abolutions of a Galapagos Turtle

Students in The Galapagos on a field trip listen to a lecture on creationism.

Out of His Shell

Galapagos Original

Nosey Galapagos Turtle

Turtle Toes

Galapagos Tidal Pool


Challenging Gravity

Riding Sidesaddle or Bareback?

Downhill Racer

Bump on a Log

Down to Earth


Galapagos Green Heron

Galapagos Desert Moonscape

Galapagos Landscape

Neck Nap

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