Self Portraits

by: Chepikian Paul

Friday 4th of May 2007 01:25:02 AM

Barber Shop Self Portrait

Self Portrait (or: it was late at night and there was no one else to experiment on)

Self portrait. Yes, I do have the image without my shadow. But my shadow is what makes it interesting for me and makes it a portrait.

This Chinese fellow was admiring my Canon 20D and though we couldn't speak to one another, he communicated to me that he was also a photographer. Well, I couldn't resist. This is the result of his effort. One of my wife's favortite shots of me.

Boris Karloff

Wedding Band

White Chest Hair


Paul Blur

White Eyes

The Gallery Show is done...whew...


Three Bracelets

Paul 300

Top of Paul's Head

Paul Covering His Face

Paul Looking Up

Let's Go

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