Dublin Nights -"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."

by: Stovall John A.

Tuesday 27th of February 2007 05:25:41 PM

Agriculture Fuel Station

Devil Tree

Back Street

Dr Pepper Mural at 6am

Agriculture Fuel Station #2

New Peanut Mill by Star Light

Abandoned Produce Market

Old Holbert Peanut Plant Under the Stars with House

A Drive-In for Joe Lansdale

Old Dublin Cemetery - A Dawn for the Dead

Moonset on clouds

All the colors of moonlight in 24 millimeters

Chigger Ranch

f/1.0 Shooting Flares at the Airport

Poinsettias with Moonshadows

Reaching for Moonlight

Abstract on the School Ground

Geodesic at School

Harrell's Furneral Home at 5am

Peanut Oil Plant 5am

Bottling Machine - Dr Pepper Plant 5am

Capping Machine - Dr Pepper Plant 5am

Bottling Line - Dr Pepper Plant 5am

Gro & Deli 5am Sunday on U.S. 377

Bill Kloster statue at the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in the world

Trinity Episcopal's Red Door

North on Patrick Street at 5am

Trinity Episcopal Church Dublin, Texas - 5AM

Dublin Watertower - 5am

Old Dublin Water Works - 5am available light

Old Dublin High School - 5am

Red Street....

Dublin in Reflection

Waiting in the Warehouse

Stopping in the Early Morning Rain

Cycling in Pre-Dawn Rain

Reflecting the All Night Store

Waiting for Visitors

Hey Cowboy!

Dublin Alley...

Hogan's Alley

Reflecting Dublin

Open for Breakfast

Snow Cone Stand at Sunrise...

Early Morning Trash at the Antique Store

10, 2 and 4

Aloe by Porch Light

Bottling Machine

Old Holden Mill

Old Park Barn at 6am..

Opened and Closed

Saturday Morning School Busses

Season Over

Vertical - Horizontal

Summer and the Boys have gone...

Switcher by Street Light

Undedicated Veterans Monument

Street Light on Deer Blinds

Coming to the Crossing

Bradbury's Best

Dublin Awakening

Trucking through the night...

Drink Machines in the Night

Window Cows

New Added to Old

Meeting at the Quick Stop....

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