North Carolina: My Backyard, Salisbury

by: Kelly Landrum

Saturday 6th of January 2007 12:27:10 AM

Hummingbird Moth, August, 2006

Hummingbird Moth II, August, 2006

Ange pur, ange radieux, August, 2006

Protegez-moi, August, 2006

She Left Without Even Saying Goodbye, August, 2006

My Only Maple

Out the Back Window

Summer Dreams in February

My Place in the Trees of Spring (Found February 7, 2010 on an Old Compact Flash Card!)

Dogwood, East Side of House, April, 2007

Trees, Side Yard, April, 2007

The Old and the New on Easter Morning

Azaleas in the Dark

Azaleas After Dark II

Pink Dogwoods Starting to Open

Pink Dogwood Against Sky

I Was Just Trying to Get a Little Sugar and I Wound Up Getting Pollinated, July, 2010

Tiny Flowers with Even Tinier Hitchhiker, July, 2010

Barely Hanging On, July, 2010

A Beautiful Lady of Subtle and Refined Taste: Tiger Swallowtail, August, 2010

Tiger Swallowtail Perched Sideways, August, 2010

The Holly and the Ivy in My Backyard

Front Yard Test Shot II

Front Yard Test Shot III (Warmed very slightly from version II in Photoshop)

No. 5: Nikon D3200 Random Exposure Metering Test, Matrix Metering, ISO 800 (Hand-held, Unprocessed)

Dappled Morning Lawn

Side Yard, Before the Massacre

Side Yard, Before the Massacre II

Bee's Eye View of Clover in my Backyard (Please view large)

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