China - East (Shanghai)

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 30th of November 2006 03:24:16 AM

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Bund in Shanghai

River Ruckus

East Bank of Shanghai's Pearl River (Please view larger.)

Shanghai's Bund

Pudong, Shanghai

Riverfront Videos

Riverboat Video - The Newest Advertising Medium

Pudong Skyline in Shanghai

World Financial Center - Shanghai

Scale Model of Every Building in Shanghai




Golden Era of Shanghai

Nanking Road - Shanghai

Shanghai - Pudong Skyline (large view)

Pudong Viewed from Old City - Shanghai

Three Tallest Buildings in Shanghai

Shanghai's Bund

Shanghai Pudong @ Night (large available)

Shanghai Old Town

The Bund at Night (please go large for this one)

Glass Dome in Peace Hotel Rotunda (Shanghai - see large)

Shanghai Old Town (pls. see large)

The Scarlet Bride of Shanghai

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