by: Kelly Landrum

Tuesday 21st of November 2006 04:59:05 AM

Allison, Salem, WV 1978

Anne, Boat to Ft. McHenry, 1982

Anne, Summer, 1977 B&W

The Brothers Kelly, Landrum, Sr. and Horace, 1979

Anne and Libby, April 23, 2004

Brenda, April 23, 2003

A Family Portrait, June 11, 2004

Luke, April 23, 2004

Mother, April 24, 2003

Mother, November 28, 2004

Imprisoned Heart

Lib's First Lipstick and Makeup Kit

Self-portrait: Impatience (2008)

Anne in Her Mother's Arms, Summer, 1977

In Gentleness, Strength: Mother, December, 2007 B&W

In Gentleness, Strength: Mother, December, 2007 III

Luke Trying to Smile into the Afternoon Sun, August, 2009 (Click on photo to view larger.)

Libby Walking, August, 2009

BG, May, 1977

Betty Blue, August 26, 1977

Luke and Libby with Mom and Dad, April, 2006

Luke, April, 2006

Libby, April, 2006

Mother, Christmas, 2007 IV

Scene from a Telenovela: Allison and Lynn

Then the Fearsome Don Juan Appeared, Sword in Hand

Like Father Like Daughter: Allison, November, 2009

Like Father Like Daughter: Allison II

Mother in Her Starring Role as Mafia Boss at Her Ninetieth Birthday Party

Mother and Ninetieth Birthday Cake

Lynn Playing Nicole Kidman for My Mother's Ninetieth Birthday Party

Libby Fighting Big Purple Ball, 2006

Luz Estela mirando de las sombras

Anne at my Mother's Ninetieth

Libby Fighting Big Purple Ball, 2006 II

Luke Enjoying Libby's Birthday Cake

Lib and her Mom

Anne at my Mother's Ninetieth II

Mark, Libby, and Luke 2009

Lib, BG, Mark 2009

Luke at Great Grandma's Ninetieth Birthday Party

Lorantz Bogan, 2009

Brenda, November, 2009

Brenda and Darla, 2009

Anne, November, 2009

Libby at Her Great Grandmother's Ninetieth Birthday Party

Lorantz Bogan II

Helen Bogan Kelly and Lorantz Bogan (her brother and my uncle) on Her Ninetieth Birthday

Lynn, My "Third Daughter"

Juan Carlos

Lorantz Bogan III

Anne, 2009

Brenda and Lynn

Anne, 2009

Mark, Libby, and Luke 2009

Lib with Attitude

Luke, 2009

Libby in a Rare Moment of Inactivity, 2006

Luke, Silhouette

Libby, Oh, So Cool

Luke Looking Right

Libby Laughing, 2006

Cake for Mother's Ninetieth Birthday

Betty, 1970, Gainesville, Florida

Lynn, August 8, 2010

Mother After Asking That Her Picture Not Be Taken, August 8, 2010

Mother Watching Her Humming Birds

Noah Looking at His Mom

Noah Headed Back to Chicago



Brenda with Henry Kelly's Final Photo from World War II

Henry Kelly and Landrum Kelly, Jr. (photographer in reflection) Together

Brenda, 2007

Self-portrait with Honey, Thanksgiving Weekend, 1977

Saying Goodbye from Mother's Door, May 16, 2011

Helen Bogan Kelly, November 17, 1919-November 10, 2011

Mother, April, 2003 (color corrected version of a previously posted photo)

Children Make Me Smile: Libby, Noah, and Luke the Day Their Great-Grandmother Was Buried

Luke, Fall, 2009 B&W

Anne with First-Born 2006

Mama and Lorantz, 2009

Allison's Handiwork

Paris Mountain Starts Here (or stops, depending on your point of view)

Betty, December, 1970 (at age twenty-five)

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