China - East (Beijing)

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 26th of October 2006 02:28:56 AM

Great Wall at Mutianyu

Provincial Schoolgirls on a Field Trip to the Forbidden City - scan of 1999 photo.

The Forbidden City confronts the Contemporary City

The Eyes Have It

Last Light on the Forbidden City

Dusk over Beijing

Forbidden City Rooftops (view large)

Beijing Winter Sunset

Last Light on the Forbidden City

High Density Rooftops in the Forbidden City

Cold Night at the Forbidden City

Forbidden City at Sunset


Ponytailed Photographer at the Temple of Heaven

Tianenmen Gate at the Forbidden City

Curves and Lines at the Temple of Heaven

Rooftop Maze at Sunset in the Forbidden City

Ming Dynasty Temple

14C. Celestial Navigation Observatory

Qianmen Gate

Deep in the Heart of the Forbidden City

Roofline Patterns

Gray Winter Day in the Forbidden City

Bird Nest Holiday

View from the Concourse at the Bird's Nest

Beijing Skate Lake on a Cold Winter Evening

Temple Tantrum

Beijing's Ancient Drum Tower

Fridgid Beijing Evening

Stripped of Tourists on a Cold December Day

Spirit Way - The Approach to the Ming Tombs

Commute Home on Frigid Beijing Evening

Wise Men Under the Willows

Ceiling Art

A Bend in the Great Wall

Deserted Guard Tower

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