Asia - Indonesia, Java

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 6th of July 2006 11:39:55 PM

Bats 4 Sale at Indonesian Pet Market

Elderly Javanese Lady

Central Yogyakarta

Quality Time with Dad on the Temple Roof

Museum Curators

Yogyakarta Rooftops

Palace Corridor

18th C. Sultan's Palace Pool in Yogyakarta

18th C. Sultan's Palace Tunnel Passage in Yogyakarta

Borobudur Buddha Shrines

Borobudur Stonecarving Close-up

Buddha Bells at Borobudur

Prambanan Hindu Site

Hindu Temple Ruins of Prambanan

The Cost of a Photo Opp

Temples at the 9th C. Prambanan Hindu Site in Java, Indonesia

Skyline of Modern Jakarta

Borobudur - 8th to 10th C. Buddhist Temple

A Bell Curve

Meditating Buddha at Borobudur

Borobudur Shrines

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