Sports Afoot

by: Turner Philip

Tuesday 4th of April 2006 08:22:06 AM

Calm in The Peloton

Barry Bonds (Mr Balco) Swats Homerun #721 - Now In Nostalgic B&W

Light on His Feet And Halfway Home

Barry Bonds Homerun King* (View Large)

Greg LeMond & Alex Stieda Coors Classic

The Legendary East German Cycling Team

Coors Devil's Cup Cycling Race - Mt Diablo Stage

Five-Time Olympic Gold Medalist- Eric Heiden Holds His Own at Nevada City Classic

Eventual Winner Dale Stetina in the Nevada City Classic 1983

1984 Olympic Cycling Team Member - Cindy Olivarri - Subsequently Banned for Steroids

Coors Devil's Cup - Mt Diablo Stage

George Mount - 1976 Olympic Cyclist & Founding US Pro Member

John Howard - US Cycling Icon

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