The Freaky, the Funny and the Odd

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 2nd of March 2006 04:01:58 AM


On a Roll

A Moment of Insanity

Father of the Bride Delivering the Goods! #2

Green Plaid

Earthquake and Tsunami

Cycle Cemetery

Beware - danger lurks

Double Vision (please view larger)

The going rate in Little Havana

Balanced Nutrition

The surrender of Chuck Taylor and Converse All Stars to contemporary fashion

Fidel's Comrades

Only in Seattle...

Another beer please....

Strapped to the Top of an Old VW Bug

A Flower on Her Coat

The Midget Ice Cream Vendor

New Poppy Hybrid

Geometry Lesson

Agent Orange

Wise Guys at the Okefenokee Swamp

Love Among the Ruins

Intestinal Disorder

The Loss of Virginity

Waiting for Her Turn in the Bullpen

Alien Spacecraft

Petrified gator side-by-side with a live one.

Close Your Mouth Dude

No Room at the Inn

Youthful Sony Enthusiast Frames Her First Shot on the Great Wall.

Wardrobe Adjustment

In-boxes Before Email (larger view)

Excess Baggage Violation

Metal Over Water


A Comprehensible Depiction of the Big Bang

Soul in Seoul

Swinging at the Catcher or...?


Parallel and Intersecting Curves (large view)

0149 (larger view)


Tightly Wound

Classic Car Accoutrement

Chrome from Days Past

Muscle Car Ornamentation

High Park Fire - June 2012

Hood Ornament Artistry

Chinese Airport Art

Nothing In Particular

Botero in Bogota


Shark Teeth (pls. enlarge)

JoJo - A Burger to Die for

Pretty Much Squares (enlarge)

Twisted (enlarge)

I want 3 of them.

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