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by: Downs Jim

Thursday 9th of February 2006 09:06:28 AM

Princess for a Day

Afghani refugee in Iran

One of the Ancient Persian Bridges at Isfahan.

Iman Square (click photo to view larger)

Iman Square - Isfahan, Iran

Brick & Tile Dome (click image to see detail)

Interior Dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - Interior of Dome

Iman Square - Isfahan, Iran

High Flying Ceiling Art in Iran


Realism Gone Abstract

17th C. Khaju Bridge, Isfahan

Conversations under a 17th C. Bridge

River Crossing by Night

Jameh Mosque from Seljuk Era

Khaju Bridge (1650 AD)

Tile & Brick Detail in Iman Square

Reflection of the 12th C. Shahrestan Bridge

Khaju Bridge

River Blues

Persian Courtesans' Banquet

Evening Socializing under the Bridge

The Bridges of Isfahan

Protected on His Dark Side

Chubi Bridge by Night

A Curvature of Arrows

Rack of Camel

Waiting for Its Dome

Iranian Bridge (Chubi) serving well in both function and form.

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