Africa - Tunisia 12/04 & 1/05

by: Downs Jim

Thursday 12th of January 2006 08:48:13 AM

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

A Million Dollar Smile

Welcome to Tunis!

The Silence of Lambs

The Edge of the Tunisian Sahara

Safe from the Sahara Elements

He ain't heavy, he's my lammie!

Tunisian Desert Horsemen

Traditional Tunisia

Soul and Sole Study on the Train Tracks

Roman Theater at Dougga

Tunisian Bedouin Ksar Ghilane in the Sahara

Sahara in Winter after 1 ml of rain

Rooftops of La Kef

Tunisian Gentleman Riding to Town.

Carthage Schoolgirl Playing in the Old Roman Coliseum

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