Asia - Myanmar (Burma)

by: Downs Jim

Monday 26th of December 2005 11:43:14 PM

Burmese Shan Cabbage Patch "Dolls"

Burmese Bullrider

Rangoon Pagoda

Spontaneous Pose

Naung Kan Gyi Paya

Weeding the Cabbage Patch

Riverbank Congestion

Village Schoolgirl in Burma

Daily Ablutions

Mini-Monks with their Beggar Bowls in the recesses of a temple

Burmese Bong Babe

Recent reincarnation of The Lone Ranger in Burma

Stairway to Heaven (or Reincarnation) as the Case May Be.

Happy Hour

Temples on Bagan River Plain

$1/day Employment in Burma

Fishing village on Burma's Bay of Bengal coast

Off to Work

Fishing Boat Fleet

The moods of the onset of puberty.

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