Sports, Baseball

by: Tsoi Wilson

Monday 12th of September 2005 01:49:58 AM

"Stealing Home?"

"One at a Time"

"An Extra Base Hit"


"Coming at Cha"

"Are You Blind?!"

"Sign Reading"

"Taking Aim" (At 1,000 Hits)

"A Throw to First"

"Stealing Second"

"Back to Second"


"Winning Fashion"

"Picked Off"

"At Bat"

"What's It Gonna Be?"

"Tag, You're It"


"Safe at Second"

"The Delivery"

"Ready to Deliver"

"Stayin' Alive"

"Second Base Arrival"

"In the Mitt"

"Holding Back"


"Starting Pressure"

"Turns Two"

"Back to First"

"Swinging Through"

"Action at Second"

"Two Seamer"

"Raul At Bat"

"Soriano's Delivery"

"Bring It On"

"Nick of Time"

"No Way Home"

"Tries for Two"

"20 Million Dollar Man"


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