Self Portrait Nudes

by: Powers Amy

Monday 6th of February 2017 06:23:48 PM

B/W Nude

Digitalized Nude

Self portrait by fireplace

Wrought-iron grill ( partial nudity)

Nude with Bars

Water Nude: self portrait

High Contrast Nude

Nude with Bars (Color)

Self portrait Feb 2001

Self Portrait Feb 27 2001

BW Cage

Backbend (nudity)

B/W downlight gown

B/W Downlight - Sitting Nude

B/W Downlight - Reclining Nude

Jigsaw Nude

Nude with Chain

Alone (nude)

Nude on hardwood

Alone 2 (nude)

Kneeling nude

French Door(Nude)

Work in progress - needs a Photoshop fix for weird color cast.(Nude)

Overexposed: Sitting Nude

Overexposed: Sitting Nude(Left)

Overexposed: Curled Nude

Overexposed: Head Back Nude

Nude Crucifix

Nude on Wood Floor


Blacksnake whip(nude)

Nude with Mirrors

Rack (nude)

Closing the Door (nude)

Bright Doorway(nude)

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