Single Photos

by: Gordley James

Monday 14th of March 2005 11:13:01 PM

What ramparts wrought thus?

Sitting on the dock of the bay.

Cleveland rocks!

Let it snow. So it did.

A very white Christmas 2003

The Bridge

How long will it be I wonder before they have to start using traffic lights up there.

Old Man Tree

Wedding cake, side kick

Wash off

Angry skies over my home in Berea Ohio

Seeing the light

Isn't Christmas great!

My dogs just hanging around waiting for some chow.

Chasing bubbles. 2006 Relay for Life

Relay for Life Cancer Rally Medina Ohio

Waiting for my wife while she was undergoing medical tests. The intent was to reflect the isolation that I was feeling at the time.

Waiting Room

Waiting for my wife as she was undergoing medical tests.

1964 Cadi

In need of rain the normally hard flowing west branch of the rocky river is slowed to just a trickle.


A trip to the river.

Like a Bridge Over (not so) Troubled Waters


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