Animals & Wildlife

by: Tsoi Wilson

Tuesday 8th of March 2005 04:49:59 PM

Roaring in the Pond

Big Cat Floating...

Dancing in the Pond

Flamingo II

"Nene" Going Uphill

"Nene" Strikes a Pose

Black Sheep (Oops, Wrong School...)

Nene on the Slope


"Mona Lisa," Duck...

"To Camouflage or Not?"


"Morning Swim"

"Early Birds"

"A Hint of Life"

"Basking Honu"

"Perching Steller's Jay"

"Look Left, Look Right..."

"Lunch at St. Helen"

"Smile for a Camera" (click LARGER for a bigger smile) ^_^

"Poised Duck"


"Close Up Colors"


"Look In To My Eyes"

"Foaming Up"




"Fast Food"


"Side Profile"


"Table for Two"

"It Came From Outer Space"

"Seattle Seagull"


"Whose Eye Is It?"

"Morning Perch"

"Hanging Around"

"A Morning Visitor"

"Camouflaged II" (Crocodile)

"Sir Puffin"


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