Travel, USA, Seattle

by: Tsoi Wilson

Monday 29th of November 2004 07:13:37 PM


"Architectural Abstract"

"Needle & EMP"

"Needle in a Hay Stack"

"Funny Flower"

"Up the Stairs"

"Another Brick (well, Needle) in the Wall."

"Eye of the Needle"

"Sci-Fi City"

"Under a Tree"

"Cool Blue (Patriotically Futuristic)"

"Architecture 101"

"Magic Mushroom"

"The Emerald City"

"A Night in Seattle"

"Yesterday's View of Tomorrow (1962 World Expo)"

"The Matrix"

"Blade Runner"

"3, 2, 1, Lift Off"

"Colors of the Night"

"The X File"

"Sleepless in Seattle"

"Through a Window"

"Standing Tall"

"Seattle Abstract"

"Jet City"

"Under a Bridge"

"Hold On to Handrails"

"Fantastic Voyage"

"A Space Odyssey"


"Spin City"

"A Close Encounter"

"My Home Town"

"Architectural Digest (Seattle Edition)"


"A Night at Pike Place"

"She Got Legs"

"Coffee Town, USA"

"Fun Forest"

"Eye of Needle"

"Wet Needle"

"Pike Place Market"

"Seattle in Detail"

"Revenge of the Needle"

"Pike Place Market (Vertical)"

"Seattle in Detail (Vertical)"


"Galaxy Quest"

"Downtown Seattle"


"Up On the Roof"

"Enter the Needle"

"A View From Below"

"Seattle Rain"

"Convergence Zone"

"Space Invader"

"Arches & Needle"

"Awning at the Needle" ( View L A R G E R )

"Pacific Science Center"

"Needle & Tower"

"Industrial Landscape"

"Eye of Needle"

"Road to Seattle"

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