Single Photos

by: Dupin Eric

Monday 16th of February 2004 09:01:32 PM

Krimml waterfall

Mont Aimée en Champagne

Cote de Blancs en Champagne

Just before big storm in switzerland

Annecy Lake

Annecy Lake

Ill tree in Champagne

Acrobatic plane in Air Meeting

Transit of Venus on the Sun

After the rain...


Chinese girl

School danse

Kandinsky painting detail

Winter sky phenomenon

Anthurium plant

Winter sunset

Lonesome tree

Tree ilness

Canal de l'Ourcq

Spring trees

Insects on flower

Dance show in Paris parc

Ducks exhibition on a Paris bassin.

Gay Pride in Paris

Paris Gay Pride

Paris Gay Pride

Gay Pride in Paris

Old tractor detail

Just before storm

Parc de la Villette

River Loire from main Orleans bridge

Fishing on river Loire

Candle portrait

Park in winter


Down of a barge.

Hot shooting

Shortsighted field

Firework from home

Firework trees

Explosive firework

Beach cabins

Seine in automn

Rain colours

Old house

Liebfrauen Church

Frankfurt bridge

Tracking train

Wood lines

Gale warning

Street show

Terrestrial plane

Pontigny cemetery

Parc floral

Vegetal composition

Railway locomotive


Vexin house

Butterfly at lunch

Plant nervure

Clacquesin Distillerie




Tree and leaves

Sand tree

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