Smoke as "ART"

by: Barstow David

Tuesday 20th of January 2004 02:35:19 AM

Flamenco Dancer - Bare Bones

Smoke Art #1

Smoke Art #2

Order & Chaos #1

Order & Chaos #3

"Curves & Curls"


"Quad-Color Smoke"

"Complex Beauty" - To many, a cigarette burning in an ashtray is an ugly thing. But, how beautiful the smoke can be!

"Smoke Dreams #2" - A Composite Smoke Image

"Fuming Mad" - Seems appropriate for cigarette smoke...

"Esophagus" - Like an x-ray...

"Smoke Screen in Red"


"Smoke Dance #1"


"Blow'n The Blues"

"Tri-Color Smoke"

"Fleur De Smoke"

"Bad Hair Day" - Or perhaps "Bean Sprout." Naming this was not easy...

"Medusa and Monkey"

"Sinous Rythm" - Figure in Smoke

"The Observer"

"Sinuosity #1"

"Fire Flower"

"Smoke Pattern in Color #2"

"Smoke Pattern in Color #4"

"Lighting Experiment #1"

"Alien X-Ray"

"Eye of the Vortex"

"Sandalwood Sensual"

"Split Infinity"

"Duck Dream" - The "Art" of Smoke

"Womb Raider" - Fantasy in Smoke

"Cotton Candy"

"Reaching Out"

"Erotica" - Visions in sandalwood Smoke



"VIPER" - An Incense Smoke Image

"Sandalwood Vision"

"Spun Gold"


"Mother and Child"

"Born of Fire"

"Spectral Smoke"





"Ostentatious Avian"

"The Dreamsmith"

"Smoke Blossom"

"Blown Away"


"Ribbon Candy"

"Chasing Bait"

"Remembering the 60's"

"The Flow of Time"

"Disturbed Ascent"

"Folded Light"


"Play of Light"

"Symphony of Motion"

"The Twist"


"Sensual Flow" - Patterns in Rising Smoke

"Life in the Abyss" Incense Smoke in a New Light

"The Guardian" - Visions in Incense Smoke

"Fire Flower"

"Contortions" - Abstract in Incense Smoke

"Les Arcs De Lumière" - A Pattern in Incense Smoke


"Vivid Dream" - A Fantasy In Smoke

"Transitory Dreamscape" - A Fantasy In Smoke

"Smokers Cough" - A Bit of Dark Humor

"Piggyback Ride" - A Fantasy In Smoke

"Lost Dreams" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Windy Day" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Keeper of the Flame" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Entanglement" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Le Garçon" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Dream Flight" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Chaotic Interlude" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Flow of Color" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Encounter" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Pound Puppies" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Flamboyant" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Pastel Passion" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Ricky the Rat" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"The Encounter" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Full of Fire and Fury" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Dream Lovers" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Watch the Birdie" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"The Lookout" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Surf" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Hine-i-tapeka" - Polynesian goddess of the fire in the Earth - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Shades of Life" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Passing Judgement" - A Fantasy in Smoke

"Spun Gold" - A Fantasy in Smoke

Smoke as Art - Embosed Parchment

Smoke as Art - Bovine

"Uplift" - A derivative work from an original smoke image entitled "The Offering."

"Flowing Gold"

"Flight of the Imagination"

"Tide Pool"

"Runaway" - Derived from a smoke photo

"The Scolding" - A smoke photo montage

"A Pooh of Smoke" - A "Negative" Smoke Photo

"Smokey Colorspace" - A Negative Smoke Photo

"Danse des plumes de fumée"


"Veiled Activity"

"Convoluted Thinking"


"Shredded Veils"

"Mother and Daughter Sprites"

"Unfolding" 06-26-04


"How I Get The Colors"

"The Enfolding" - A Smoke Photo Negative

"Dog, Dreaming of Flight"

"The Explosion" - A color-reversed smoke photo


"The Sculptor" A smoke photo - Inverted colors,

"Sandalwood Spirits" - A smoke photo, colors inverted

"Bowing to the Winds of Change" - A Smoke Photo

"Life In The Swamp"

"Looking Back" - A Smoke Image

"Fall-Out" - A Smoke Photo

"Tropical Phoenix" - A Smoke Photo

"Fractal Dimensions" - A Smoke photo. - Features in the flow patterns suggest a fractal relationship. My interest in the sciences sometimes manifests itself in my art.

"Oops" - A Smoke Photo. - A negative image of smoke with a black background. The color is from the lighting.

"Edge of Oblivion" A Smoke Photo (composit)

"Garden Spirit" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Sub-Rosa #2" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Spirit of the Wood" A smoke photo(Comp.)

"Burning Rock" A smoke photo. (Comp.)

"Ritual Vision" - A smoke photo. (Comp.)

"Metamorphosis" - A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Entanglement" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Togetherness" A smoke photo (Comp.)

"Wizard's Work" A derivitave smoke photo

"Dragon Fire" A modified smoke photo

"Dragon Fire - Ver. 2" A composite smoke photo

"Dragon's Dream #1" A composite smoke photo

"Dragon's Dream #2" A smoke photo composite

"Dragon's Dream #4" A composite smoke photo

"Edge of Oblivion" A composite smoke photo

"Edge of Oblivion - mono"

"Out Of The Embers" A composite smoke photo

"Underworld" A composite smoke photo

"Fire Spirits"

"Deep-Sea Creature"

"Smoke Bouquet"

"Flames Of Passion 2"

The Birth Of Violet

Internal Conflict

Spectral Blend

Vultures in the Night

Shrine to Smoke

Fire of the Imagination

Marriage of Smoke and Color


That's ENOUGH With The Paint!


Hello Kitty!

Nereus And The Nereids

The Grand Poopah

Smoke Juggler

''The Examination''

''Smoke Rampant''


''The Smoke-Rider''

''The Grand Entrance''


"Smoke-Stained Glass"

''Reflections On The Creative Spirit''


''Anatomy Of A Smoke Cloud''

''Courting Dance''

''Complex Fluid Dynamics''

''Pastel Passion''

''Laughing At Lucy''

''Hanging-Out At Smokey Joe's''

''Born Of Fire''

''Vitrified Smoke''

''Smoke On The Terrace''

''Earth, Wind And Smoke''

''Floating Smoke Sculpture''


''Queen Of The Pond''

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